By forming the Barbed Tape (See Barbed Tape) with a high tensile galvanized core wire an extremely effective security barrier is created. While the razor sharp blades of the barbed tape act as an excellent deterrent, the core wire’s primary function is to add strength and rigidity to the product.

Figure 1: Razor Wire Assembly

For military applications a galvanized 2.5mm diameter core wire, with a tolerance of ±0.06mm is formed together with a 0.5mm thickness galvanized barbed tape (Figure 1 & 2). Even though the galvanized coating provides superior corrosion resistance, in extreme environments, such as harbor installations, a stainless steel core wire can be used as well. The tensile strength of the core wire is a minimum of 1500mpa which makes the finished product virtually impossible to cut without specialized tools.

Figure 2: Razor Wire Cross Section

Any fence can be upgraded with one length of Single Strand Razor Wire installed in a straight line is a cheap deterrent, however in cases where additional security is required, multiple lines of razor wire can be installed or an entire fence can be fabricated from multiple strands of Single Strand Razor Wire. As a standard we manufacture 200 meter rolls for installations where the razor wire will be installed in this method.

As an alternative, Single Strand Razor Wire can also be installed as a Spiral Coil (Figure 3). Manufactured in four standard sizes, 450mm, 500mm, 700mm and 900mm diameter coils.

Figure 3: Single Strand / Spiral Coil

The spiral coils we manufacture have 55 spiral turns as a standard. Installations done with a 300mm aperture between spirals will result in an overall installation length of 16.5 meters per coil. Please note that this installation length is only an indication. The installation aperture can be varied according to the level of security required, however this will affect the overall installation length.
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