The Quick Post is a cost effective alternative to wooden poles for vineyards, the Y-standard or any other fencing post. Manufactured from a 1.2mm thiskness material, the Quick Post's unique shape is designed to withstand bending or buckling under heavy loads and offers superior resistance to trellis collapse compared to other steel products. The standard Quick Post is manufactured from a continuously galvanized steel which gives the finished product superior rust resistance and a long life span.

The unique design of the product expands outwards as soil is pushed inside while the post is knocked direclty into ground. Once the post is installed, this expansion prevents the post from being pulled out, or from sinking, and allows it to handle heavier loads.

Figure 1: Quick Post

The Quick Post has 6mm diameter holes rinning through the center of the post at intervals of 100mm, and optional butterfly shaped cutouts running down the edges of the post at 100mm intervals. These holes and cutouts are only punched on the portion of the post which will be above ground after installation. For more information on the Quick Post, please contact us here.

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