Barbed Tape
Also known as Razor Tape, or Razor Ribbon, Barbed tape can be used as a barrier on its own, or is used in the manufacture of Razor Wire...

Single Strand Razor Wire
By forming the Barbed Tape with a high tensile galvanized core wire a extremely effective security barrier is created...

Concertina Razor Wire
Concertina Razor Wire, or Barbed Tape Concertina, is the galvanized Razor Tape combined with the core wire, to form spirals...

Flat Wrap Razor Wire
Flat Wrap Razor Wire is fabricated using Single Strand Razor Wire which is then clipped to create flat sheets.

Quick Post
The Quick Post is a cost effective alternative to the Y standard or other fencing posts. Manufactured from a roll formed galavanized coil...

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