Also known as Razor Tape, or Razor Ribbon, Barbed tape can be used as a barrier on its own, or is used in the manufacture of Razor Wire.

Figure 1: Medium Blade Barbed Tape

Barbed Tape is a continuous cut-out of corrosion resistant galvanized material. For military applications the Barbed tape will be manufactured from a 0.5mm thickness galvanized coil with a tolerance of 0.05mm. These cut-outs can be made in either of the two blade profiles we manufacture, medium blade (Figure 1) or short blade / NATO (Figure 2). In addition to the standard galvanized product, we are also able to manufacture both blade profiles out of stainless steel or various other materials on special request.

Figure 2: Short Blade / NATO Barbed Tape

With our high speed press lines, we are currently able to produce over 15000 meters of Barbed Tape every hour, and ensure the minimum possible down time through efficiency of work and the in-house maintenance of all our own tooling. Currently our three press lines are supplying six of our own winding machines, and a handful of other razor wire manufacturers with their Barbed Tape requirements.

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